Frequently Asked Questions

How many referrals can I submit?

There is no limit! You can refer as many qualified business contacts as you like!

How will I know my submission was received?

You will receive a confirmation email.

I submitted my online referral and received a confirmation. What happens next?

A notification is sent to you confirming receipt of the referral. If your referral sets and completes an appointment, then you and your referral will be notified by email with instructions on how each of you can claim your gift card(s).

How will I get my gift card?

You will receive an email with the $50 Visa Gift card after your referral appointment takes place and your referral will receive a $10 Starbucks card just for having the appointment.

Who is eligible to particiapte in the referral program?

Any current Pure Water Technology or PureBrew customer may refer a friend, relative, or business contact. Remember, we only supply Pure Water to businesses; no homes at this time.

I haven’t received my gitf card yet, why?

Your referral’s appointment has not taken place or was canceled.

What if I refer someone in an area you are not currently servicing?

Your referral’s business must be located in an area that we service: Chicago area, Indianapolis area, Cincinnati area, St. Louis area, Dallas area, Los Angeles County, Orange County, or San Francisco area.

How long is my referral valid?

The initial sales appointment must take place within 2 months of your referral submission.

Can I track my referrals?

We don’t have that capability right now, but you can always email us as

I accidently deleted my reward email. Can it be resent?

Yes, please contact and include your name, company name, email address and the name of your referral. The information will be verified and another gift card will be emailed to you.

I referred someone, he/she had the appointment, but I never received my gift card?

Please send an email to with the email address you used, as well as the email address of your referral and we’ll look into it ASAP.

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